Dr Serena Kelly

HUI-EU Project Coordinator

University of Canterbury
New Zealand


Dr Kelly is a leading researcher and senior lecturer in the field of EU-New Zealand relations. She has been invited to contribute to a number of on-going national and international projects which are sponsored by international players and involve internationally renowned academics. Dr Kelly has published extensively on EU external relations both individually and with colleagues in robust, peer reviewed journals. Dr Kelly’s research has been recognised at local and international conferences and awarded a number of research grants and fellowships and has been awarded three competitive Jean Monnet teaching modules. She is also increasingly visible in the media, an important part of academic outreach having been interviewed for TVNZ, RNZ, Radio 4, BBC International and had op eds published in stuff.co.nz, The Press and New Zealand Farmers Weekly.

Her outreach and esteem is strengthened through her elected role as chair of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs Christchurch as well as acting as the academic in charge of the Model EU events for high school students. Dr Kelly’s research interests include EU perceptions in the Asia-Pacific, EU diplomacy, and international political communication.

Dr Kelly is Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research on Europe, chair of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, Christchurch branch, and Vice-President of the European Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand. Dr Kelly has worked on multiple EU research projects and has built up extensive New Zealand networks with key stakeholders in various New Zealand sectors.